How to register on the site?

To register on the site follow this link. On the registration page, fill in the following fields: "Name", "Last Name", "E-mailing address" - your username on the site, "Password", "Birthday", "Country" and "Gender". Please confirm that you agree with the "Terms of Service" and then click "Register."

Then, in automatic mode at the mailing address you will get a letter to confirm your registration. In the letter you will find a link, please click on the link and confirm your registration. Registration is completed and you can use all functions of the site.

You can also use the registration with one of the social networks where you have a personal profile. In this case, you do not need to fill in the registration form and your account on our website will be identical (username) with the social network that you have chosen.

Can I have more than one profile on the site?

Yes, you can have more than one profile on the site. Your account is linked to the e-mail address specified by you when registering on the site or its mobile applications for Android / iPhone. If it is necessary, you can have an extra account. To do this, you must attach it to another e-mail address. 

Why is my account blocked?

Note please! The administration of the site reserves the right to block video reports, meaningless comments, containing spam or similar stuff or absolutely not related to the channel discussed. Also users participating in the ranking cheat and violating the Terms of Service can be blocked. In case of multiply violations of these provisions users and their profiles will be deleted. You can get acquainted with the Terms of Service here and Privacy Policy here

If your page has been blocked, you can contact us here if you think this is a mistake.

Why webcasting channels freeze up?

Unfortunately, today the technology of TV watching on the Internet (OTT) is such that there pictures may freeze up. There is a number of reasons, but mostly it is because of the insufficiently stable bandwidth of Internet connection.

A partial solution to this problem is buffering broadcast (making a short delay in the broadcast while which the necessary information (the data stream) is stored in the buffer memory on the server), and after a short delay, you see a smoother picture.

Very often the problems on the Internet channels are temporary (webcast brakes, for example, for a few minutes but after it all normalizes). 

In this case, you just should have a little patience and wait.Sometimes, there is a very large load on the webcasting server (usually this happens when some major or important events take place or in the most peak hours), which can theoretically slow down the channels. But this happens very seldom, and when some important events are going on we are always add server capacity and in the peak hours (for example, Friday night) we have a good margin of safety.

I forgot my password!

If you have forgotten your password to your account, which is used to log in our site and/or application, you can use the form to restore the password. A new password will be sent to your e-mail.

How to add a video you liked to "Favorites"?

On the site you can add any liked videos in the "Favorites" of the "Liked videos" category, pressing the "Like" button. If, on the other hand you want to remove the video from the "Favorites", press the "Dislike" button.