About us



«See​You​»​ is a platform providing services for selling video
material with intellectual property rights.



Life of a modern person divides into offline and online mode. And often people spend online even more time: they meet, communicate and work on the Internet; in short, they live on the Internet. 

Every Internet source has its own advantages, however it does not satisfy all the user’s needs simultaneously, especially if it is about spending leisure time and entertainment.

In the galloping rhythm of life, where every our decision is forcible, it is more and more difficult to make a right choice, to express an individual point of view, to be yourself and to enjoy your personal freedom. Freedom of self-realization is an important part of a modern society!    Unfortunately before it couldn’t find a full and exact expression neither offline, nor online.

“SeeYou” have two main lines: entertaining and informational. The first is aimed on the effective spending of leisure time, the second one creates conditions for individual self-realization.

All the “SeeYou” system is built on the handling of photo/video files to prepare them for the oncoming webcast both live and in record, concerts, festivals and competitions. 
Those users, who can’t attend the events, have an excellent opportunity to watch them on our source with their family and friends. Not everyone can afford going to the concerts of world popular stars, and as a rule not all of the concerts are broadcasted on TV, and even on the Internet we can find just some cut versions. 

 ​Lack of geographical barriers​ - Copyright owners and users can interact with
«See​You​»​ from anywhere in the world.

​Lack of timeframe​ - Advertising as well as purchasing and viewing on ​«See​You​»
can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“SeeYou” is a portal for people who want to be in the spotlight, who think they should be heard and seen and who are not afraid of expressing themselves and can exceed the forced limits.

Our mission is to provide each user with a free unprejudiced choice. And our aim is to present an effective source useful for a personal self-realization and for organizing leisure time activity. 


Do you want to be in the spotlight?

Then “SeeYou” is your own model of reality!

Be free to make your own choice!